How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable


Camping can be an escape from this wild world, especially in a time when we’re at home more than ever. The campfire, being one with nature, escaping from life’s worries, and sleeping in a tent that’s not very comfortable….

Wait, what? Yes, one disadvantage to going camping is that unless you’re someone who can sleep anywhere, sleeping in a tent can take some getting used to. Before you go camping, here’s how to get a better night’s sleep and keep yourself comfy.

Sleeping Bags Can Help

The first, and most obvious, way to be more comfortable when camping is to buy a good sleeping bag. However, you shouldn’t go for the first one you see. You need one that is appropriate for the climate.

For example, a thick sleeping bag can keep you warm and toasty during winter. However, that same bag may not be good for summer. You’ll be sweating and struggling to fall asleep. In a case like that, you may want to sleep on top of the bag and just use a sheet.

Look for a bag with the appropriate temperature rating.

Also, buy a sleeping bag style that’s appropriate for your situation. A mummy style fits well in a backpack and keeps you warm. A double-wide is good when you want to sleep with your love. A rectangular one has less of a grip on you.

Get an Appropriate Sleeping Pad

Another tip for you is to buy a sleeping pad. These are meant for the ground, and they give you more cushioning. This is good when you want to sleep light during a hot day, or the bag you have doesn’t offer much cushioning between you and the ground.

There are different styles. You have the closed cell pad, which is easy to carry and helps you to insulate, but the comfort may not be ideal. Then, there’s the air pad. These are inflatable, but more expensive. However, they’re quite comfortable.

There’s also the self-inflating, which is warm. However, it can get holes in it, which can be a pain.

Get a Good Pillow

Your pillow is always important. A foam pillow is easy to pack, and an inflatable pillow may help with this as well. Getting a high-quality pillow may make the difference between tossing and turning and getting a good night’s rest.

Cover Your Eyes and Ears

When you camp, you may take advantage of the night. It’s cooler, you can spend time at a fire telling stories, and you may just be a night owl in general. However, one downside to this is the fact that unless you pitch a blackout curtain over your tent, the sun is going to wake you up at the crack of dawn.

Using an eye mask can prevent you from waking up suddenly and make it easier to fall back asleep should you wake up.

Then, there’s covering your ears. The outdoors can be noisy. Some people like the sounds of birds and crickets, but others find them distracting. Bring some comfy, yet noise blocking, earplugs. If you have a  power source, maybe bring a fan or a white noise machine. A fan can keep you cool during a hot day, and it can block out some sound.

Keep Your Routine Going

We all have a routine that signifies that we’re about to go to bed. For some people, that means winding down with a cup of tea. Or brushing teeth. Some people meditate. Others watch a show (which may be difficult if you don’t have a power supply.) No matter what you do, sticking to a routine can tell your body that you’re ready to fall asleep.

Keep that routine going. Before you camp, pack any item that can tell your body that it’s time for you to go to bed.


Do some exercises close to bedtime. Exercising may help you fall asleep faster. Even if you went hiking, do a few crunches. It doesn’t have to be anything significant, but it’s enough to tell your body that it’s time to go to bed.

Get Up If You Can’t Sleep

Should you be unable to fall asleep, one mistake people make is staying in bed and hoping they’ll fall asleep soon. This is a tough cycle to break. However, one way you can stop this is to get up if you can’t fall asleep and do something that makes you feel tired. Once you feel tired, try again.

How to Stay Cool

One popular sleep tip is to keep the room between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5-19.5 Celsius), but unless you can put an AC in the tent, that can be difficult when camping in the summer.

With winter, it’s a little easier. Dress in warm clothes, get a thick sleeping bag, and drink some hot liquids before bed. However, in summer, that can be more challenging, especially if you live in a place that has humid nights.

Here are some ways to keep cool.

  • Your tent itself is important. Keep it disassembled during daytime if you can, as it can absorb heat from sunlight. Pitch the tent in the shade if possible.
  • Tents with mesh or a reflective sunshade can keep the sun out and keep everything cool inside.
  • Look to a portable fan for some extra coolness during the night.
  • Take a dip in some cold water before you go to bed, or drink some cold liquids.
  • Wear clothes that are light in color. This can reflect sunlight.
  • Sleep light. Use a sheet if you must, and take off as much clothing as possible.
  • Buy a portable refrigerator or mini fridge for your camping outings.


Camping in a tent can be a challenge if you are a light sleeper, but with a little bit of elbow grease, you can make it happen. Most people prefer a bed, but you may find that camping in a tent is quite fun. And if you’re still unable to fall asleep, then it’s time to get a cabin.

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