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RVCWD Board President's letter to Agricultural Users
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Do one new thing each day to conserve water.
Every drop counts.

  1. Check the wateruseitwisely web site for 100 ways to conserve.
  2. Do not waste water. Capture tap or shower water while you wait for it to get hot. Use it later to water your plants or flush your toilet. Use water twice whenever possible.
  3. Fix those leaks! Use your water meter to check for leaks. Pick a time when you will not be using any water for at least two hours. Read your meter and write down every number. Read it again after two or more hours. If the number has changed at all, you have a leak.
  4. Water your plants only when they need it. This may be a good year to skip that garden. Your permanent plantings are more important than your lawn
  5. Only run full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine. Hand dish washing saves water.
  6. Install water saving appliances and shower heads. Limit your shower to less than five minutes.
  7. Use a broom for cleaning sidewalks and driveways instead of a hose. Wash your car with a bucket, not a hose. Better yet, wash your car at a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  8. Cover your pool or spa when not in use. Pools can evaporate a lot of water.
  9. The amount of water your toilet uses should be marked behind the seat. If it uses more than 1.6 gallons consider replacing it.
  10. Service evaporative coolers regularly. Direct the overflow into an area that can benefit from the water.



Select one of the following  links to keep up to date with current conservation hints.


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Remember, water conservation is currently voluntary. If we can't save enough voluntarily, it will become mandatory, with very strict limits on how much you can use and penalties or disconnection for over use.

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