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Dear Agricultural Water User:

As you are no doubt aware, Redwood Valley County Water District is facing a water crisis. If the lake continues to be drawn down, we could be out of water by August. Measures are being attempted to slow the drawdown but even if they are successful, we are still in trouble. Agriculture is important to us and we will do everything we can to give you water as long as possible. But to do so we need your help.

We are asking all of our customers, both domestic and agricultural to voluntarily reduce water usage by 10-15% immediately. We know this will be difficult for many but if we all work together we might be able to keep water flowing during the critical irrigation season. In addition to reducing we ask that you review the following suggestions and implement any of them that you have not already done.

  1. Prepare or rehabilitate any alternate source of water you might have (ponds, wells, etc.) to reduce the use of District water.
  2. Avoid using frost protection sprinklers for cooling vines or for irrigation. If you haven't already installed a drip system this would be a good time to do so. Drip uses only 10% as much water as sprinklers.
  3. Monitor weather conditions for upcoming heat events and irrigate prior to the event, at night to avoid evaporation and maximize the water reaching the vine.
  4. Inspect your system frequently and fix leaks immediately.
  5. Put your drip or soaker hose system on a timer and use a soil moisture meter to maintain even moisture levels.
  6. Keep your plantings as weed free as possible. Weeds rob plants of moisture.
  7. Soaker hoses are a very effective way to water trees with little wasted water.
  8. Either mulch or frequent cultivation will help to retain soil moisture. Mulch will also reduce soil temperature and reduce weeds, which causes less stress on plants.

If you have developed and implemented other water savings ideas, please pass them on to us so we can share them with other growers.

Redwood Valley growers already do a great job using water effectively. If you do your part by conserving even more, the district will be able to prolong our deliveries to you. If we all work together we might just get through this without significant damage to your harvest and vines.


Don Butow, President
Redwood Valley County Water District.




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